Believe it or not, Dr Grasso and his staff made going to the dentist an enjoyable experience. Everyone in the office was outgoing, friendly and professional. The atmosphere they created felt more like going to visit friends than going to the dentist. Most importantly, they demonstrated an excellent knowledge of their field and had the utmost concern in regards to implementing superior hygiene practices and ensuring the general cleanliness of the entire office. The combined and individual efforts of each member of Dr. Grasso's team clearly demonstrated that there are still people out there that are truly understand what customer service is all about. A+++ Highly Recommended!!!

- Ray W.

I always feel as if I am visiting friends when I go to Dr. Grasso's office. Everyone pays attention and sees that I get what I need, quickly and comfortably. Staff is competent and personable. That always makes it a good experience!

- Susanne Z

Unlike any other doctor's appointment, I actually look forward to going to see Dr. Grasso and everyone else in his office. Dr. Grasso and his staff are excellent every time.

- anonymous

I find Dr. Grasso and his staff professional and pleasant. They are knowledgeable, caring, gentle, respectful, and prompt. I could not ask for more.

- Cynthia B.

Dr. Grasso and his staff are wonderful with my children. They always take the time to make sure that they are comfortable. The dentist can often be a scary place for a child. We have not had to deal with that due to their efforts.

- Brenna F.

As someone who has worked twenty years in health care, I find that Dr Grasso and his staff exhibit the technical expertise and humane approach one dreams of for a doctor's office. All health care endeavors strive for high standards (or they should) first in the narrow science itself and simultaneously in the general care of patients; but only a few achieve them. This team does it all -- and such is also the view of my entire family.

- John J.

As far as I'm concerned, Dr. Grasso and staff are the best Dental Practice anywhere. Always thorough, gentle, and highly professional. Five stars in all categories!!!

- Leland P.

I have always taken good care of my teeth with regular dental exams. But over the last ten years, one side of my front lower gum was receding. The previous dentist I went to said the problem was peridontal disease, and scared me half to death. But he never really addressed my question.

The first time I went to Dr. Grasso's office, he immediately identified the reason. I am a "clencher!" He ordered me a mouth guard to wear at night. It was that simple. I didn't even realize that was the reason that my jaws ached and now that's gone. And, he said that my gums are just fine... what a relief!

It's amazing to me that I had been going to what I considered to be good dentists all these years and no one even addressed this problem. Thank you, Dr. Grasso!

- Judy S.